Flip the script on ticketing with Ticketguard.

Ticketguard takes daily ticket verification to a whole new level. We’ve created the TigerID®, a personal and commercial form of ID which allows easy on-site identity verification. The personal TigerID® is multi-modal. From concert or train tickets to even enterprise ID verification.

Access rights are linked to the TigerID® and allow you to access anything, anytime, anywhere. Instead of racking up tickets from different organisations, TigerID is the one ticket to rule them all.

How does it work?

We transform existing ticket systems into account-based systems and integrate the TigerID® in existing apps.
End-users download a TigerID®-enabled app and it will be available for use immediately.

The TigerID® allows easy identification at any given moment, anytime and anywhere. What the user will be doing is stored in the cloud within the account-based system.


  • Works on every smartphone

  • Changes every second

  • Non-reproducible

  • Available offline

  • Multifunctional

  • Allows anonymous use

Account-based system

Within account-based systems rights and products may both be bought and received and will be stored in the cloud.

  • Establish a total regulation in (re)sale

  • Improve customer relationship

  • Increase user engagement

  • Collect feedback

  • Collect data

  • Customs-grade security checking

  • Creates new business opportunities

  • Blockchain-compatible

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Team Members

Liu Kars

Founder & CEO

Has graduated in business management, has over 8 years' experience in sales, is responsible for the vast growing network and strategy of Ticketguard, has organized events for over 3000 people.

Rob Tierolff

Founder & CTO

Technical architect, is responsible for the technical product, has more than 10 years experience in IT development, and over 6 years in building ticketing systems.

Guus Klinkenberg


Is expert in data science & system complexity, has over 6 years of experience in IT development.

Eelco Bakker


Is responsible for the financial strategy decissions of Ticketguard, has over 8 years' experience in start-up finance.

Sandy de Vries

Marketing & Communications

Writes, rewrites and quite literally sets the tone. Has over 5 years of experience in creative writing and has worked in online marketing since 2015.


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Our Advisors

Koen Melis

Managing Director The Venue Content Agency, Former Director NEC Group International & MemoryHause

Alex Keizer

Member advisory board The Venue Content Agency, Former Director Corporate Sales & Events Joop van den Ende Theater Stage Venues

Bert Meerstadt

Managing Partner The CMR Agency, Former CEO President-director Dutch Railways

Irwin Varma

CEO JanusID, Former Programme manager Privacy/GDPR Dutch Railways

Arjen Strijker

CEO Fundsup, Former CEO CapitalOnStage

Raul Pesch

Business developer Omnimap, Former Director of Microsoft Office Worldwide SMB Partner Channel

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